Daily Readings, Reflection and Meditation

No matter what your spiritual beliefs, meditation is an opportunity for contemplation, reflection, and mindfulness. 12-step programs help residents set and achieve meditation goals, and our therapists encourage them to adopt a post-rehab meditation practice as part of a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

Morning meditation at 10 Acre Ranch begins with group members reading day-by-day books. After each client reads an entry, the group shares about how the reading applies to today’s treatment challenges. The overriding goal of group and individual meditation is to cultivate peace and achieve a state of calm that can be revisited during the darkest hours of addiction recovery.

Recovery Meditation Goals

Meditation objectives are completely individual, but common religious and non-religious goals include:

  • Emptying the mind of stressful thoughts
  • Concentrating on breath & promoting relaxation
  • Learning to live in the moment
  • Breaking the tendency to overthink
  • Increasing energy & improving health
  • Developing compassion, grace & patience
  • Handle emotionally charged situations

Mindfulness & Addiction Recovery

Fighting cravings, avoiding triggers, and making drastic behavioral changes takes energy. A mindfulness practice is important to achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety and finding joy in a substance-free life. At our rehab facility for men, meditation is a collaborative process. Therapists help residents achieve their recovery goals by teaching the basic principles of relaxation, taking participants through guided meditation, and providing time for private meditation practice. To learn more about meditation and goal coaching, or to tour our facility and request a quote, contact the 10 Acre Ranch team today.