Methamphetamine Related Overdose Deaths
26 May

Opioid overdose deaths are common. The family of drugs associated with the ever-rising death rates, causes severe respiratory depression. Simply

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Dark Web Drug Sales On The Rise
25 May

Earlier this week, we discussed the important topic of synthetic drug use, a trend that is both dangerous and indicative

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Synthetic Marijuana: Deadly Side Effects
23 May

The news of late has been dominated by talk of opioid narcotics, prescription drugs like oxycodone and illicit ones like

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How to Stop Negative Thinking
23 May

Many people in recovery from addiction continue to struggle with negative thinking from time to time. This is because you

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Treating Soldiers With PTSD and Addiction
21 May

It is a well known fact that experiencing trauma can have a serious impact on the course of one’s life.

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Social Model of Addiction Recovery
19 May

If you are in recovery from addiction or if you are still actively using drugs or alcohol, you are acutely

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Addiction In America – War In Mexico
18 May

Much of the news these days is focused on the Middle East, with ISIS taking front and center as being

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Fentanyl and Carfentanil Taking Lives
17 May

It would seem that we all live in an era where the drugs of our parents’ generation do not hold

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Study: Beat Stress By Looking on the Bright Side
16 May

Unfortunately, stress is inevitable – from failed relationships to family conflicts to financial trouble — and uncontrolled stress can have

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Are You Eating the Salty Six?
9 May

On average, Americans eat more than 3,400 milligrams of sodium each day, which is more than double the ideal amount

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