Binge Drinking Among Young Adults Increases
6 June

It is probably fair to say that drinking alcohol socially is an American pastime. Or, at the very least, involved

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What You Need to Know About Men’s Health
6 June

June is Men’s Health Month and there’s no better time to start taking proactive steps to safeguard your health. Along these

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Addiction Signs On Facebook
4 June

In today’s world, practically everyone uses social media of some kind. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. Even

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PTSD Awareness Month: Encouraging Treatment
2 June

In the last weeks of May, we covered what we believe to be some very important topics. Post-traumatic stress disorder

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Opioid Addiction Epidemic Apologia
1 June

We have written about opioid use in the past, and for good reason. We are in the grips of a

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Cigarettes Affect Addiction Recovery
31 May

In the world of addiction recovery, cigarettes are in many cases the last bastion of one’s disease. When people seek

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Your Addiction Recovery On Memorial Day
28 May

This is Memorial Day weekend, a time to remember all the brave American men and women who gave their lives

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Methamphetamine Related Overdose Deaths
26 May

Opioid overdose deaths are common. The family of drugs associated with the ever-rising death rates, causes severe respiratory depression. Simply

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Dark Web Drug Sales On The Rise
25 May

Earlier this week, we discussed the important topic of synthetic drug use, a trend that is both dangerous and indicative

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Synthetic Marijuana: Deadly Side Effects
23 May

The news of late has been dominated by talk of opioid narcotics, prescription drugs like oxycodone and illicit ones like

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