E-Cigarettes Could Save Millions of Lives
4 October

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug that keeps tobacco users coming back for more. If you are in recovery, then

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mental illness
Mental Illness In Young Adults
29 September

If you are a young adult, there is a good chance you are getting ready to start or have just

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A Primer on PAWS
28 September

Do you feel like you’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions for days? Are you struggling with sleep, irritability, anxiety, brain

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Overdose Death Impacting Life Expectancy
22 September

In the 21st Century those of us living in America expect to live robust lives. Far longer than once thought

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head in hand
Dealing With Depression and Addiction
21 September

For many men, depression and addiction go hand in hand – and it’s a dangerous duo. One study found that

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Study: Opioid Epidemic Knocking Men Out of Workforce
14 September

The opioid epidemic is having a negative impact on the U.S. workforce, especially for males, according to new research from

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Good Days, and OK Days In Recovery
13 September

Sponsee: How’re you today? Sponsor: Well, thank you. There are only good days, and OK days in recovery. Sponsee: No

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Study: Men with Gambling Addictions Likely to Have History of Trauma
8 September

Men with gambling addictions are more likely than their peers to have experienced childhood traumas, and treatment needs to address

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recovery month
Join The Voices of Addiction Recovery
7 September

If you are working a program of addiction recovery, you have a lot to be proud about. You have, even

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Addiction, Mental Illness and Cigarettes
24 August

Back in May you might remember an article we wrote about the dangers of smoking cigarettes in addiction recovery. Specifically

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