Meditate Your Way to a Better Recovery

meditate your way to better recovery

Rise and shine and meditate is the motto at 10 Acre Ranch. Our daily morning meditation sessions help our male clients begin the day with a calm and open mind. And this state of calm can be revisited during the darkest hours of addiction recovery.

Meditation, which has been study-proven to reduce stress, blood pressure and fatigue, is also important for achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety and finding joy in a substance-free life. The ancient practice can help keep you centered, motivated and energized so you can focus on your present task at hand – to fight cravings, avoid triggers, make behavioral changes and other recovery essentials.

At 10 Acre Ranch, our meditation sessions help clients to:

  • Empty the mind of stressful thoughts
  • Concentrate on breath and relaxation
  • Live in the moment
  • Avoid over-thinking
  • Boost overall health and energy
  • Develop compassion, grace and patience
  • Better handle emotionally charged situations

Here are a few more ways that meditation can help in your day to day recovery and lasting sobriety:

  • Stress: You’ll learn to fend off stress and calm anxiety – both of which can threaten your sobriety – with slow breathing.
  • Cravings: You’ll learn to be in the present and to think before you react, essential to fighting cravings.
  • Triggers: You’ll learn to be more mindful of your actions and behavior patterns, including triggers.
  • Self-acceptance: You’ll learn to notice your thoughts and accept them without passing judgment or getting caught up in their stories or meanings. This helps you develop a better understanding of yourself.
  • Emotions: You’ll learn to become more in control of emotional turbulence.

Meditation and Addiction Recovery for Men
At 10 Acre Ranch, meditation is both an individual and a collaborative process. Our trained therapists teach clients the basic principles of relaxation and take them through guided meditations. To learn more about our rehab, call today: 877-228-4679.